to the homepage of the caravan parking space at the indoor and outdoor swim-centre Wahlstedt in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.

Since December 2016 there is this caravan park, which is continuously open throughout the year.

Set in the small industrial town of Wahlstedt is the caravan park modeled on the grounds of the indoor and outdoor swim-centre in Wahlstedt. The city center and related shopping or Dining options are within walking distance.

The direct combination of pitch and indoor and outdoor pools, we offer a unique in Segeberg use possibility.


The fee is € 8.00 per mobile per 24 hours. Combined ticket for the additional use of the indoor and outdoor pool 12 € (for 2 persons).

Wastewater may be introduced free of charge, fresh water is a surcharge (50-80 l cost 1, – €) and can be removed via a connection with external thread.

There are 4 power connectors available, one kilowatt hour costs € 0.80. Trash and glass containers are available nearby.

On the pitch about 6 motorhomes can be accommodated. A reservation is not possible.

Please note our detailed usage and charging system.

Fees and Charges

Further Information:

Scharnhorststraße 2
23812 Wahlstedt
Phone:  0049 (0) 4554 / 609355
E-Mail: Info@wohnmobile-wahlstedt.de